Election 2016

We are now post-election. Thank goodness!

It was a bitter pill for many to swallow, but most of us are committed to positive change, and let’s see if we can help our government get better.

Here are the dreams I have for this country:

  1. We rebuild our food system, with organic, local and free-range real, plant-based foods, so our thinking, our mood, and our results can improve.
  2. We improve education, and services such as mental health and economic aid to those in need.
  3. We take care of our planet, and the various species that live on it.
  4. We respect each other and love each other, despite our differences.
  5. We stay out of the business of other countries, particularly as we have tremendous debt and problems of our own, right in front of us

Let’s remember that we must be the change we want to see in the world.

Peace and love for the holidays!!!

About davidscarservice

Father, husband, friend and supporter of natural living
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