Happy Thanksgiving!!

Save room for dessert!


Thanks for making David’s Car Service the most popular livery in Metrowest!

We hope your holiday is safe and wonderful, despite whatever weather may come.

Please don’t hesitate to call on us if you need transportation for you or yours.

All our best,

David, Matt, Clinton, Geoff, Marc, Rebecca, Carol et al.

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Love The Cape

Last night I drove a longtime client to Falmouth from Marlboro. It was a fairly easy drive as we were before rush hour on a weekday afternoon. Another piece of good fortune was that it was sunny and warm, not raining or brutally hot.

We got there fast, about 1:15, and after I dropped him off at his beach home, where he claims to be working for the next week (but brought a lot of food and wine!), I got to enjoy the area for a couple of hours.


Beautiful Falmouth Harbor in August

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President’s Day Vacation Week!

Happy President's Day!

Happy President’s Day!

Next week is slow due to President’s Day. Actually it starts on Friday.

So if you need a ride, chances are we are available. We also have many partners in the area, if we are tied up.

Perhaps you’d like to go to a museum or a movie during vacation.

We are happy to take you into Boston from the Framingham area for $75 one

way. That includes tolls and tax.

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Empty Nesters!


Hope your late August is going well.

The weather is certainly fantastic, and although the local sports teams are having some issues (Edelman out for the season, the Sox have dropped three in a row, and it looks like the Celtics big trade may not go through), there is a lot to celebrate.

Move-in day at Fordham Lincoln Center







In my life, my youngest child Jordana just left for her freshman year at Fordham in New York City. That means Carol and I are empty nesters!

Should we move? Take in a couple of boarders?

Any advice is appreciated…

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Summer 2017 Almost In The Books

What a nice summer it has been. Great weather most of the time, and the Red Sox are four games in the lead as of today. Also, despite Trump’s insanity and ego, we are not yet at war with the world.

The gypsy moth caterpillars were less than advertised, the mosquitos seemed light, and yes, the construction has been tough, but it’s almost complete in Boston, Needham, Framingham and other places.

Have you been to the beach? Did you get to see that concert or public garden or museum? Did you visit with friends or relatives? If not, perhaps it’s time to get on all that. Take some time off, focus on your happiness.

As always, if you need transportation, please count on me.


David 508-333-4153


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Get There!

This warm and sunny January weather has made me a bit happier this winter, despite bumps in the road like the election.

If you need a ride, I have a sunroof and extra sunglasses so you can enjoy the ride a bit more.

Wherever you need to go…I’m off to Ocean State Job lot to get some snacks for the big AFC Conference Championship game tomorrow.

Go Pats!!

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Election 2016

We are now post-election. Thank goodness!

It was a bitter pill for many to swallow, but most of us are committed to positive change, and let’s see if we can help our government get better.

Here are the dreams I have for this country:

  1. We rebuild our food system, with organic, local and free-range real, plant-based foods, so our thinking, our mood, and our results can improve.
  2. We improve education, and services such as mental health and economic aid to those in need.
  3. We take care of our planet, and the various species that live on it.
  4. We respect each other and love each other, despite our differences.
  5. We stay out of the business of other countries, particularly as we have tremendous debt and problems of our own, right in front of us

Let’s remember that we must be the change we want to see in the world.

Peace and love for the holidays!!!

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New Van


I can now take larger groups in our nice minivan.

New Logan Pricing:

—Economy Car (1 Person, off-peak) – $98

—Black Car (1-3 People, off-peak) – $118

—Van or Large SUV (1-6 People, off-peak) – $138

$10 surcharge for peak (6am-10am & 3pm-7pm M-F);

$10 surcharge for rides to/from outside Metrowest area

$10 coupon available online and in The Coupon Book, one-time use only

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Summer Travel Assistance


I’m taking a lot of people to Logan and Logan Express this month.  People seem to like to travel to Seattle, Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Cancun, London, and the Dominican Republic.

Please give me a full week’s notice if possible. That way I can save you money and make sure I can fit you into the schedule.

I’m better than a taxi because I will carry your bags on both ends, offer free (chilled!) water and reading material, as well as XM radio and even conversation if you want it.

I use WAZE to avoid traffic tie-ups (construction is a killer in the summer!), and recommend leaving extra early to make your trip stress-free.



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The Competition


We try to give the best service we can when driving folks in Metrowest and beyond.

In five years, we’ve served more than 200 clients, and done more than 3,000 rides. Of those, we messed up about eight times. So we’re batting .997. Not that it’s like hitting a 95 mph fastball, nor rocket science, but still, we are talking about human beings doing what they say they will do.

We do have some competition. There are a few liveries in the area, maybe 3-4, in Framingham and neighboring towns. In my incomplete research, I have ascertained that our pricing is less than most licensed liveries, and only slightly higher than a couple of unlicensed people.

In addition, there is Uber, and to a lesser extent, Lyft, which offer great pricing, for the most part, but can be difficult to get from this area. I don’t recommend cabs, as they are limited by geography, unreliable, expensive, and offer poor service.

Finally, there are a number of community and public transportation options, that offer great pricing, but limited availability and range. They offer group rides, and the service does not compare. But I recommend them if you have a limited budget, and are right on their route.

We are always happy to work in concert with other transportation, as I did this morning, when I drove a couple who live in NY, from Westboro to the LimoLiner on Rt. 9 in W. Framingham.

When you need transportation, give me a call! 508-333-4153, or email me at rideswithdavid@gmail.com. I will give you the straight info, and be courteous and kind.

Have a great day!

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