Stupid People

We live in a time when technology is very powerful.

We have fast cars, sharp knives, and powerful computers that can hurt people, animals, and the planet.

That is why we need to be careful. But thinking has decreased during this period, due to poor eating, lack of oversight, greedy corporations, And the pandemic.

People don’t signal when they drive, they use their smart phones in traffic, and they are rude and angry. This causes a lot of traffic accidents, and deaths.

It is understandable to want to be in a safe vehicle, and we highly recommend it. The safest vehicles are Japanese (and Korean) cars, the newest sedans such as the Camry, the accord, and the legacy and Altima.

Some people are very into status, and think that an expensive German car should be safer. Truth is, they are less reliable, more expensive to maintain, and no safer. SUVs in general, are less safe than sedans, because they have a higher center of gravity, even if they have all wheel drive.

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Happy Holidays 2021

It seems everyone is traveling now, and it’s great to see. If you are traveling, be safe out there, and please plenty of extra time.

Don’t forget to pray for the animals that give their lives up so we can enjoy our holidays more.

By the way, we now take silver coins for payment.

Four American eagles will be accepted for up to three people in an SUV to or from Logan, vs. ($120-$150 average price including tip.

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Please Eat Less Animal Food

We all know how delicious some foods like burgers, pizza, BBQ, cookies and ice cream are.


Our health is in massive decline

Pandemics are caused by eating animals

The environment is being destroyed by eating cows, dairy and seafood

Animals are suffering horribly and so are people who see this connection


The really good news is that there are some very healthy choices out there, that are also very delicious.I’m not talking about Impossible Burgers or Beyond Meat, which are made in a laboratory and seem scary.I’m talking about tofu and Tempeh and seitan and mushrooms and grains and Jerusalem artichoke pasta and oat milk and so many more great things.

Learn more at


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Check out this Yelp review for The Bagel Table – Wayland!
— Read on

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What’s Up at Logan?

Read full article here

Logan will look beautiful sometime in the near future. For now, reroutes, snarls and ugliness
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I am your long-distance driver

In February, this small limo operator did 77 paid trips Logan.

Unfortunately, the first pandemic in 100 years struck in mid March I did only 35 Logan trips for the four months March through June!

I’m still up to only about 15% capacity, after all who wants to fly when you might die?

What I’ve noticed is that more people are needing rides to far away places, like Durham North Carolina Asbury park New Jersey New York City the Berkshires northern Maine etc.

I like these trips because I enjoy seeing the world, and trying out new places. Because things are starting to open up, at least we know we can go to the bathroom, and possibly get a meal.

I would be happy to help you if you are having transportation problems in any area, including to anywhere on the east coast.

Thanks for reading!

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Please Go Away

Summer is here, and we are ready to drive you to the beach, to visit a friend or relative, or as far as NY, NJ or anywhere in New England.

Our cars are clean, and we offer hand sanitizer, tissues, masks and bottled water at no extra charge.

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In Fear is No Way to Live

Coronavirus is scary, and it is killing people.

However, it’s killing far fewer people than you think, as major cities in the United States are lowering their figures after auditing inflated numbers for hype, politics and profits.

Very few under 60 years old in good health have died, and those that have were generally on covid hospital floors, or working in supermarkets or nursing homes.

It also turns out that more than half of Covid deaths are people on high blood pressure medication, or people that had the latest flu shot. For those awaiting a Covid vaccine, this should be particularly telling.

If you are healthy…

It’s time to go outside and improve your immunity through vitamin D, Fresh air, and connection.

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Coronavirus a Curse and an Opportunity

Our hearts go out to all of the families affected by Coronavirus, as well as those affected economically and emotionally.

This has been one scary and confusing time, and continues to be a big challenge for many.  Hopefully the next few weeks will reveal good news due to compliance with social distancing and cleanliness habits, as well as the changing of the seasons.

For David’s Car Service, it has been a time to reflect, as more than 50% of our March and April business has been lost. Of course, we are here to serve those with mundane and special needs.

Another virus from eating animals

Some lessons I am learning in this crisis:

• We are all spoiled in good times, and we have seen a lot of good times

• Fear and panic is not a great thing. The store shelves being empty, and folks canceling events in summer is probably not yet warranted. Remember, the flu strikes millions in the U.S. every year, and kills thousands. In 2017-18, it killed ~80,000 people in the U.S. Coronavirus has killed 55 so far.

• People have become thrifty, creative, and generous as our priorities shift in light of this pandemic.

• Our government is filled with elitist, controlling assholes. I mean most of them, not just the pigheaded narcissist.

• I love to focus on my health, and be in nature. This is a forced vacation. I am willing to get the message and enjoy it.

• Despite the fact that this virus, and the swine flu, and the H1N1 (bird) flu all come from eating animals, nobody is talking about ANOTHER great reason to go vegan.

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Trip Canceled due to Coronavirus? Heal With David…

Well, it may not be the end of the world as we know it, but this global pandemic has killed quite a few people, hurt many more, and interrupted the plans of millions across the globe.

My business has encountered 11 cancellations already, and we are braced for more. But, now is a good time for me to show you what else I’m up to…

David’s Organic is a project I have been working on, which cooks healing beverages and meals for people in Metrowest, made from organic, plant-based foods.

My Miso Soup can prevent or shorten an illness, and my Healing Veg Tea can reduce your stress and help you balance your blood sugar, while you work on weight, cholesterol, skin, or even more serious issues. All starting at $10/pint, delivered!!

Learn more at

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