Coronavirus a Curse and an Opportunity

Our hearts go out to all of the families affected by Coronavirus, as well as those affected economically and emotionally.

This has been one scary and confusing time, and continues to be a big challenge for many.  Hopefully the next few weeks will reveal good news due to compliance with social distancing and cleanliness habits, as well as the changing of the seasons.

For David’s Car Service, it has been a time to reflect, as more than 50% of our March and April business has been lost. Of course, we are here to serve those with mundane and special needs.

Another virus from eating animals

Some lessons I am learning in this crisis:

• We are all spoiled in good times, and we have seen a lot of good times

• Fear and panic is not a great thing. The store shelves being empty, and folks canceling events in summer is probably not yet warranted. Remember, the flu strikes millions in the U.S. every year, and kills thousands. In 2017-18, it killed ~80,000 people in the U.S. Coronavirus has killed 55 so far.

• People have become thrifty, creative, and generous as our priorities shift in light of this pandemic.

• Our government is filled with elitist, controlling assholes. I mean most of them, not just the pigheaded narcissist.

• I love to focus on my health, and be in nature. This is a forced vacation. I am willing to get the message and enjoy it.

• Despite the fact that this virus, and the swine flu, and the H1N1 (bird) flu all come from eating animals, nobody is talking about ANOTHER great reason to go vegan.

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Father, husband, friend and supporter of natural living
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