Summer Travel Assistance


I’m taking a lot of people to Logan and Logan Express this month.  People seem to like to travel to Seattle, Atlanta, West Palm Beach, Cancun, London, and the Dominican Republic.

Please give me a full week’s notice if possible. That way I can save you money and make sure I can fit you into the schedule.

I’m better than a taxi because I will carry your bags on both ends, offer free (chilled!) water and reading material, as well as XM radio and even conversation if you want it.

I use WAZE to avoid traffic tie-ups (construction is a killer in the summer!), and recommend leaving extra early to make your trip stress-free.



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The Competition


We try to give the best service we can when driving folks in Metrowest and beyond.

In five years, we’ve served more than 200 clients, and done more than 3,000 rides. Of those, we messed up about eight times. So we’re batting .997. Not that it’s like hitting a 95 mph fastball, nor rocket science, but still, we are talking about human beings doing what they say they will do.

We do have some competition. There are a few liveries in the area, maybe 3-4, in Framingham and neighboring towns. In my incomplete research, I have ascertained that our pricing is less than most licensed liveries, and only slightly higher than a couple of unlicensed people.

In addition, there is Uber, and to a lesser extent, Lyft, which offer great pricing, for the most part, but can be difficult to get from this area. I don’t recommend cabs, as they are limited by geography, unreliable, expensive, and offer poor service.

Finally, there are a number of community and public transportation options, that offer great pricing, but limited availability and range. They offer group rides, and the service does not compare. But I recommend them if you have a limited budget, and are right on their route.

We are always happy to work in concert with other transportation, as I did this morning, when I drove a couple who live in NY, from Westboro to the LimoLiner on Rt. 9 in W. Framingham.

When you need transportation, give me a call! 508-333-4153, or email me at I will give you the straight info, and be courteous and kind.

Have a great day!

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Best Time to Travel

For some reason, on Friday mornings the roads are much less clogged with traffic.

Today, it took only 30 minutes to get to Logan from Framingham. Usually, it’s 40-55 minutes and a lot of it painful.

I believe it’s because perhaps 25% of people don’t go into the office on Fridays. Of course some others may be just sleeping late, or are going away for the weekend.

In any event, if you are planning air travel from Logan, try to make a flight for 7am-9am on Friday, and you will experience an easy time.

If you are driving in with me, it will be even easier. ; )

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Now Serving Worcester

Do you live or work in the Worcester area?

David’s Car Service has a driver out that way!

Try us out and you will be glad you did…

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Busy Autumn Coming

Things are falling into place for my schedule this autumn.

I’ve got plenty of commuters, to work or school, and a few students as well, and a couple of people who have doctor appointments, parties, or items delivered.

Not as many airport trips as I ‘d like, so here’s a deal for you:

In October, get to Logan for just $79, if you are one person, going from 10am to 2pm weekdays, or anytime on the weekend. For everyone else, just $98, up to three people with luggage, leaving from Framingham or towns around it.

If you are booking a trip, make sure to do it early. I have a few subs, like Jon and Clinton and Robert, but they are busy as well.

Have a great autumn, and please don’t forget to enjoy the apple picking, foliage and lovely crisp walking weather.



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Why Pay Real Money For Something


We all have different values. Some people will eat a burger from a fast food or carnival or at a sporting event. Others will eat only certified organic and non-GMO foods.

In regards to paying for services, the dentist or the plumber generally do not discount, and those folks make GOOD money. Some people only want to pay the absolute minimum for rides.

We try to be competitive, and our pricing is certainly not the highest, nor the lowest, but our service is top-notch, where it matters. And we spend our money locally, as we live here in Metrowest, with our families.

Read our reviews (check Yelp also), and try us out. You will be glad you did.

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Happy 4th Everyone

My prayer for this country:

May we continue to accept all humans despite them being different from us, and may we also honor all living things and the Earth, to reduce suffering and improve our children’s future.

May we also change the way we deal with money so that everyone may eat, and no one feels the stress of survival. So we don’t have anymore enemies, and so we can all live in peace and happiness. It won’t happen if we don’t think about it, ask for it, demand it, and make it happen.

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Summer Special Going To and From Logan Airport

Here’s a special deal for July and August only, in my (Honda Accord) car only:

All rides to or from Logan Airport, from Metrowest, priced as follows:

1. Single Person, Offpeak, Paying In Cash – $79

2. Two or More People, Offpeak, Paying In Cash – $89

Regular rate is $98 off-peak, $108 peak, for up to three people plus luggage

Includes all charges.

Expires 8/31/15

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Big Week Outside of MA

Most weeks I don’t leave MA. This past week I did it three times: Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Whatever it takes to solve your need. This time it was:

  • Pickup at T.F. Green Airport, then to CT to cash a check, then to Worcester for work
  • Pickup in Westboro, then to NYC for a doctor’s appointment, and back later
  • Pickup in Framingham, then to Basking Ridge NJ for a baseball tournament

I am happy to stop for Dunkin’ Donuts or bathroom.

My car sips gas, so I did not need to get gas during ANY of these trips. 35.9 mpg Honda!

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Funny Stories

I think bartenders might have better stories, but who knows if they can remember them, right?

Here’s what happened yesterday:

I took a wonderful old couple home as they were returning from their winter vacation.

We chatted about everything: the weather, the Red Sox, and the insane idea of holding the Olympics in Boston, were all discussed.

As we arrived, I jumped out to lend a hand as the gentleman had a cane, and was a bit unsteady on his feet. I also helped with the small amount of luggage they had.

I put the bags down in the lobby, and I looked away, and when I looked again, the old guy’s pants were around his ankles. Being the classy and generous guy I am, I said:

“Looks like you lost your pants there Dan. Let me help you with those,” and he shimmied while I lifted his pants back up, and he rebuckled his belt. His wife then said:

“Now that’s what I call full service!”

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