My Drive to Florida

I always wanted to do the drive from MA to FL, and I had heard stories from Stan and Stephen, so it was a personal goal this year. Last week, I accomplished that goal, despite the worst weather in a long time.

Tom from West Boylston was my client, as he and his wife wanted their Lexus SUV for their wintering west of Orlando. Had they known what was coming, and the challenges for JetBlue, they might have gone earlier.

The drive was easy, particularly the first half. I breezed through CT, NY and after filling up on the Turnpike at just $3.12 per gallon, NJ as well. Unfortunately, cold weather traveled with me into Virginia as well, and I was happy to stay the night in Richmond and get some rest.

The next day I got an early start, and made it to Delaware fast. North Carolina was a breeze, but South Carolina brought a lot of traffic due to an accident. Eventually, I broke into Georgia and I knew Florida was next. I was excited to see Daytona Beach, but the weather there was inhospitable at best. I got out of there and headed south to Orlando.

Orlando was only 45 degrees at 2pm, and although I stayed there for another 36 hours, it never got above 50. Luckily, I was joined by thousands of others at the airport, all seeking to get onto a flight and finish their new year’s vacation with safe passage home. For many, patience was the word of the day. I was very lucky and got out only eight hours late.

There were some hiccups. The traffic in SC, the cold weather, the meal and phone charger I needed to buy when my flight was canceled. But I made it. My client Tom had even more airline struggles. He was four days late, but now begins his Florida time.

Next year? I’ll charge more!!

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