Who I’ve Helped This Summer

Money is important. My son is at college as of last week, and I am grateful to be earning a living at a job I enjoy.

But I also help a lot of people, and sometimes I need to charge less in order to do that. Here are some of the people I’ve helped this summer:

Jim lost his license, and I’ve been generous, punctual, and extremely helpful to him;

Steve had a car accident, and I was able to help him with rides, but also stop for coffee, shopping, other errands, and even take him to and from the airport.

Margie just moved, and I’ve helped take her stuff to the dump, for recycling, and even helped her sell things on Craigslist and at a yard sale. She has also given me a number of items.

Jaye was laid up, and I helped take her to doctor and physical therapy appointments, and charged her less because of her fixed income.

There have been many more, such as Jimmy, Stephen, Norah, Tanya, Mike, Jodi and Cliff.

I guess I’m lucky to be able to help, and meet, so many nice people.

As summer nears its end, I feel blessed.

About davidscarservice

Father, husband, friend and supporter of natural living
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