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The Competition

We try to give the best service we can when driving folks in Metrowest and beyond. In five years, we’ve served more than 200 clients, and done more than 3,000 rides. Of those, we messed up about eight times. So … Continue reading

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Why Pay Real Money For Something

We all have different values. Some people will eat a burger from a fast food or carnival or at a sporting event. Others will eat only certified organic and non-GMO foods. In regards to paying for services, the dentist or … Continue reading

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Funny Stories

I think bartenders might have better stories, but who knows if they can remember them, right? Here’s what happened yesterday: I took a wonderful old couple home as they were returning from their winter vacation. We chatted about everything: the … Continue reading

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My Top 10 Favorite Clients of All Time

I enjoy driving people, and helping people in general. That’s how I got into this business. My clients are for the most part fantastic people; they don’t complain, they are on time, and they make nice conversation. But some clients … Continue reading

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Who I’ve Helped This Summer

Money is important. My son is at college as of last week, and I am grateful to be earning a living at a job I enjoy. But I also help a lot of people, and sometimes I need to charge … Continue reading

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