The Competition


We try to give the best service we can when driving folks in Metrowest and beyond.

In five years, we’ve served more than 200 clients, and done more than 3,000 rides. Of those, we messed up about eight times. So we’re batting .997. Not that it’s like hitting a 95 mph fastball, nor rocket science, but still, we are talking about human beings doing what they say they will do.

We do have some competition. There are a few liveries in the area, maybe 3-4, in Framingham and neighboring towns. In my incomplete research, I have ascertained that our pricing is less than most licensed liveries, and only slightly higher than a couple of unlicensed people.

In addition, there is Uber, and to a lesser extent, Lyft, which offer great pricing, for the most part, but can be difficult to get from this area. I don’t recommend cabs, as they are limited by geography, unreliable, expensive, and offer poor service.

Finally, there are a number of community and public transportation options, that offer great pricing, but limited availability and range. They offer group rides, and the service does not compare. But I recommend them if you have a limited budget, and are right on their route.

We are always happy to work in concert with other transportation, as I did this morning, when I drove a couple who live in NY, from Westboro to the LimoLiner on Rt. 9 in W. Framingham.

When you need transportation, give me a call! 508-333-4153, or email me at I will give you the straight info, and be courteous and kind.

Have a great day!

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Father, husband, friend and supporter of natural living
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