Stupid People

We live in a time when technology is very powerful.

We have fast cars, sharp knives, and powerful computers that can hurt people, animals, and the planet.

That is why we need to be careful. But thinking has decreased during this period, due to poor eating, lack of oversight, greedy corporations, And the pandemic.

People don’t signal when they drive, they use their smart phones in traffic, and they are rude and angry. This causes a lot of traffic accidents, and deaths.

It is understandable to want to be in a safe vehicle, and we highly recommend it. The safest vehicles are Japanese (and Korean) cars, the newest sedans such as the Camry, the accord, and the legacy and Altima.

Some people are very into status, and think that an expensive German car should be safer. Truth is, they are less reliable, more expensive to maintain, and no safer. SUVs in general, are less safe than sedans, because they have a higher center of gravity, even if they have all wheel drive.

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