Travel In 2022: Remain Calm

What happens when you lock down Americans for the better part of a year?

We are now finding out! Americans are traveling in record numbers, despite the high anxiety and cost caused by pilot shortages, fuel prices, and covid testing/sickness.

Here is our advice, compiled after hearing hundreds of stories from our flying clients.

  1. Plan Ahead—Does not mean things will not change, but you have a good chance at a good deal
  2. Stay Flexible—Flying for a graduation means going a day early. Lots of flight changes!
  3. Wear a Mask—Others may not, but your mask could avoid Covid illness and quarantine or worse
  4. Bring Cash—I cannot understand people who do not bring cash on a trip. DCS discounts for cash!
  5. Eat less animal foods—This will reduce your chances of getting sick, and aid your digestion.
  6. Check your flight status often.
  7. If possible, do not check bags. If you must check bags, bring a change of clothes and meds in carryon.
  8. Do not expect everything to go as planned. Make the best of things, and all will be well

We would love to drive you to/from the airport, but we will also drive you anywhere on the east coast!

Have fun!!

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