My Top 10 Favorite Clients of All Time

I enjoy driving people, and helping people in general. That’s how I got into this business.

My clients are for the most part fantastic people; they don’t complain, they are on time, and they make nice conversation. But some clients are just the best—they refer others to me, they tip me, and they give me ideas to grow my business. Those clients I will never forget.

Here are some of them:

  1. Stephen from Sudbury
  2. Stan from Fort Lauderdale
  3. Dale from Framingham
  4. Bonnie & Ed from Framingham
  5. Ryan from Framingham
  6. Michael from Lincoln
  7. Zack from Sudbury
  8. Estelle from Wellesley
  9. Mary from Wellesley
  10. John & Ellen from Ashland

Honorable mention goes to Brittany, Karen, Jaye, Ella, Gary, Buzzy and Meryl

Get on this list by calling me today at 508.333.4153.

About davidscarservice

Father, husband, friend and supporter of natural living
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