Funny Stories

I think bartenders might have better stories, but who knows if they can remember them, right?

Here’s what happened yesterday:

I took a wonderful old couple home as they were returning from their winter vacation.

We chatted about everything: the weather, the Red Sox, and the insane idea of holding the Olympics in Boston, were all discussed.

As we arrived, I jumped out to lend a hand as the gentleman had a cane, and was a bit unsteady on his feet. I also helped with the small amount of luggage they had.

I put the bags down in the lobby, and I looked away, and when I looked again, the old guy’s pants were around his ankles. Being the classy and generous guy I am, I said:

“Looks like you lost your pants there Dan. Let me help you with those,” and he shimmied while I lifted his pants back up, and he rebuckled his belt. His wife then said:

“Now that’s what I call full service!”

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Father, husband, friend and supporter of natural living
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